Eläintarha Inkoossa luo yhteyden eläinten ja ihmisten välille

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Lomamäen Lemmikkipuisto on Inkoon Degerbyssä sijaitseva eläintarha, jonka missiona on luoda yhteys eläinten ja ihmisten välille. Tutustu tarkemmin missioomme ja ajankohtaisiin uutisiimme ja ota yhteyttä! Kerromme mielellämme lisää toiminnastamme.

Mission Statement

We believe in building relationships between animals and humans, especially with captive or domestic animals. No cage is big enough and can never be compared to the wild, and so taking this into account we do not want our animals scared and hiding behind bushes all day, as can happen in many zoos and pet parks.


We encourage the interaction between animals and humans and ensure that both get pleasure from this relationship. This is truly animal environmental and social enrichment; our animals eagerly look forward to meeting the next human, (and of course the treats they may sometimes bring), as the humans look forward to the next unique animal encounter. Our animals are the leaders in these relationships and the interaction is dependent on the mood and enthusiasm of whichever animal we are interacting with.

Through this interaction, we aim to educate people about the animal's natural habitat and instincts and the dangers of our disappearing forests, lakes and other habitats worldwide. This is especially true when interacting with young people and children. Seeing the look on a child's face when a bird lands on their finger or head is a joy to behold and you can see that the impact made will stay with them for many years to come. This, in turn, will encourage the children and some adults to become aware of disappearing natural habitats.

The Lomamäki Petpark and Mini Zoo, (Lomamäen Lemmikkipuisto), started very slowly and evolved from the owner’s Sharon and Mikko Auri’s family pets. Our first pet was Bilbo the parrot who came into our family over 25 years ago. The amount of pets gradually increased and a ‘Forest School’ for daycare centres was started in 1988. We opened up for schools, special needs centres and centres for the elderly. This led to where we are today; open to the public for four months a year. We also have visits from schools, daycare centres and other organisations and we also arrange private events i.e. birthday parties, hen parties and other special events. The rest of the year the animals live peacefully with Sharon and Mikko and their extended family, a full-time animal carer and two exceptional workers who help with all the building, fixing and general upkeep of the park.

Although we are closed for a certain part of the year, we still offer different groups of people the possibility to enjoy the uniqueness that makes us ‘Lomamäen Lemmikkipuisto’.

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